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Duvet Cleaning Service

Specialist Duvet Cleaning

  • To keep your duvets and pillows in tip-top condition, we offer a first-class cleaning, re-covering and topping up service, making them like new again.
  • Ideally a duvet should be serviced every 5 - 6 years and pillows every 3 - 4 years. 

Recycle your Duvet

Let us clean, re-cover and revitalise your duvet and pillows

  • The service we offer is not a dry-cleaning process,  which would be harmful to down, our cleaning process consists of the following stages:
  • The down is removed by suction into our unique down cleaning machine, where it is de-dusted and disintegrated down is discarded.
  • Then it is washed, dried and filled into a new down-proof cover and, if required, topped up. Covers cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced.
  • Our covers are made from 100% down-proof cotton fabric, the best available.
Duvets Cleaning the Down New Down-Proof Cover Total
Single Size 135 x 200cm £20 £75 £95
Single Extra Long 135 x 220cm £20 £81 £101
Single Extra Wide 160 x 200cm £20 £84 £104
Single Extra Long and Wide 160 x 220cm £20 £105 £125
Double Size 200 x 200cm £32 £110 £142
King Size 230 x 220cm £35 £144 £179
Super King Size 260 x 220cm £38 £161 £199
Pillows Cleaning the Down New Down-Proof Cover Total
English Size 47 x 74cm £11 £16 £27
French Size 65 x 65cm £14 £23 £37
German Size 80 x 80cm £18 £31 £49

Please add postage at  £10.00 per duvet. £5.00 per pillow.

Same Day Cleaning is available by appointment