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100% Pure Duck Down Duvets

100% Pure Duck Down Duvets

Duck down duvets are very soft, light and warm.

They are filled with the very finest white duck down, providing warmth without weight. The down-proof covers are made from densely-woven white cotton.

Duck Down Duvets come in four sizes: Single, Double, King Size and Super King Size.

With our special stitching, we can provide variable thickness in the same duvet making one side warmer or cooler than the other.

All our products are made to very high Continental standards. Only the finest quality materials are used.

100% Pure Duck Down Duvets Product Number
Single Size Duvet 135 x 200cm £185 DD135/200
Double Size Duvet 200 x 200cm £253 DD200/200
King Size Duvet 230 x 220cm £326 DD230/220
Super King Size 260 x 220cm £366 DD260/220
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